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As one of the largest OTC pharmaceutical manufacturers in the UK, we are at the cutting-edge of the development and supply of medicines and healthcare products

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Founded in 1922, Thornton & Ross Ltd is one of the largest OTC pharmaceutical manufacturers in the UK and exports to over 80 countries worldwide.

We continue to grow our business every year in the UK and International markets by innovation and acquisition. Following the company’s acquisition by the STADA group Thornton & Ross has merged with Genus Pharmaceuticals.

From a base in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, Thornton & Ross develop, manufacture and supply a wide and growing range of branded OTC medicines, dermatological preparations, niche generic medicines and other pharmaceutical, healthcare and hygiene products.

Our product portfolio encompasses a large number of well-known OTC brands such as Covonia®, Hedrin®, Care®, Cetraben®, Movelat®, Radian B® and Setlers®, as well as the UK's leading disinfectant Zoflora®.

We also own the Flexitol® brand in the UK and Eire.

Our values reflect our roots as a family-owned business and we continue to combine the highest professional standards with traditional levels of care.

Our approach is to combine good, responsive customer service and quality products, in a working environment that encourages innovation.

Part of the STADA group

Thornton & Ross is owned by Frankfurt based STADA Arzneimittel AG

STADA is a pan-European pharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures, markets and distributes branded and generic pharmaceutical products. With sales of over two billion Euros, STADA affords Thornton & Ross with both research and development support and financial investment.

Thornton & Ross has become the Centre of Excellence within the STADA group in order to promote the development of OTC and Dermatology business.

An essential factor for the continued success of STADA's business model is its individual market focus through the international network of local marketing and sales companies. In order to rapidly adapt to individual country healthcare market changes, STADA's local sales companies retain a high level of autonomy, allowing the flexibility to adapt and capitalise on local country market opportunities.

Gender Pay Gap 2017

In 2017, the Government brought in legislation which requires all organisations with more than 250 employees to publish a Gender Pay Gap report. Click here for that report.

Examiner Business Awards Winner 2019


STADA to Become a Major Pharma Player in Ukraine by Acquiring Biopharma's Pharmaceutical Prescription and Consumer Health Business

The STADA Group continues its growth trajectory in Europe. The company, announced that it is acquiring the pharmaceutical business of Biopharma, one of the key pharmaceutical producers in Ukraine.

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Is veganism good for your health?

The Future of Your Health report indicates that nearly a third of Brits don’t think so

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Biopharmaceutical company Alvotech and global pharmaceutical company STADA Arzneimittel AG ("STADA") today announced that they have entered into an exclusive strategic partnership for the commercialisation of seven biosimilars in all key European markets and selected markets outside Europe.

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STADA invests $660 Million USD in Takeda's OTC portfolio in Russia/CIS to become a major player in these branded markets

STADA to acquire a portfolio of approximately 20 selected OTC and prescription pharmaceutical products in Russia, Georgia and CIS countries

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STADA to acquire Walmark - a leading Consumer Healthcare company in Central Europe

STADA Arzneimittel AG ('STADA' or 'the Group') today announces the acquisition of Walmark a.s. ('Walmark' or 'the company') from Mid Europa Partners for an undisclosed consideration.

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Q&A 2019 Pharmacy Show

A Q&A Session with Phoebe Buckley on the 2019 Pharmacy Show

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STADA Health Report 2019

More than half of people in UK are optimistic about the future of health

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Leading pharmaceutical company invests in seven-figure state-of-the-art facility

Huddersfield pharmaceutical company Thornton & Ross is expanding, with a new seven-figure state-of-the-art facility due to open at the beginning of January.

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