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Whether it's doing things around the house, being busy at work or taking regular exercise, keeping active helps us to stay fit and healthy. But sometimes our bodies need a little help, and that's where Radian comes in.

Radian is available in a number of countries, often in market-specific packaging, with the brand being widely recognised across the Middle East as Radian Massage Cream with its distinctive 'Muscleman' packaging.

The brand (known as Radian B in the UK) offers a range of topical analgesic treatments and formats for the effective relief of everyday muscular aches and pains.

Radian B Muscle Rub contains menthol, camphor, methyl salicylate and oleoresin capsicum. Always read the label.

The range also includes non-medicinal muscle soaks which can help your tired, aching muscles at the end of a long day.


Algesal (diethylamine salicylate 10%), is a simple and cost effective treatment for rheumatic and minor musculoskeletal conditions including lumbago, fibrositis, sciatica, bruises and strains.

Always read the label.

Lloyd's Cream

An odour-free and non-reddening cream containing diethylamine salicylate, which offers an excellent, alternative for those who wish to avoid the smell and hot sensation associated with traditional rubs and the sensation of hot skin.

Always read the label.


For welcome, warming relief from pain and discomfort in the muscles and joints, massage Transvasin Heat Rub into the painful area two or three times a day until the symptoms are eased. The rub contains Ethyl Nicotinate, Hexyl Nicotinate and Tetrahydrofurfuryl salicylate.

Transvasin works rapidly and effectively. When combined with gentle massage, the sensation of warmth it produces. can help relieve pain and relax stiff muscles without the need to take pills.

Always read the label.


With over 90 products in the range, Care provides remedies for many everyday family ailments, across a variety of therapy areas.

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