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Metanium Nappy Rash Ointment is a licensed medicine that is specifically formulated to soothe and effectively treat nappy rash. It also works as a waterproof barrier, preventing urine and faeces from causing more irritation to a baby's skin.

Its active ingredients are Titanium dioxide 20% w/w, Titanium peroxide 5% w/w and Titanium salicylate 3% w/w. It's also lanolin free. Lanolin can result in an allergic reaction in some people, so Metanium is suitable for babies who may be prone to allergic reactions to it.

Please note we currently also offer this product in dual language Arabic-English packaging.

Metanium Nappy Rash Ointment is a medicine. Always read the label.

Metanium Everyday Barrier Ointment has a unique formula to help guard against nappy rash, and is also gentle enough for use at every nappy change.

It forms a physical barrier to help protect against the external irritants which can cause nappy rash and helps seal in the skin's natural moisture keeping the skin soft, smooth and supple.

Metanium Everyday Barrier Ointment is a medical device.

Care ViraSoothe Chickenpox Relief Cooling Gel is a revolutionary product from the Care range of family medicines. It is specifically formulated, and clinically proven, to relieve the irritating symptoms of chickenpox.

The cooling gel helps to break the ITCH, SCRATCH, INFECTION cycle. It soothes and calms the itch, helping to reduce the chance of scarring by stopping little hands from scratching.

It is an odourless, easy to apply gel that can be applied all over the body and face, and is suitable for children over the age of 6 months.

Care Itcheze, from the Care range of family medicines is a revolutionary approach to cooling and soothing skin.

It works without fuss, doing what its name suggests, using cutting-edge technology to help soothe, cool and moisturise skin that is irritated, superficially reddened or is prone to dryness and itchiness.

Care Itcheze is available in gel and spray gel formats, which are easy to use, non-messy and provide long lasting moisturisation benefits for the whole family.


With over 90 products in the range, Care provides remedies for many everyday family ailments, across a variety of therapy areas.

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